Title : Magnolia
Release : 1999
Rating : 8
Language : English, German, French
Runtime : 188
Genre : Action,Drama

Movie Detail

24 hours in L.A.; it's raining cats and dogs. Two parallel and intercut stories dramatize men about to die: both are estranged from a grown child, both want to make contact, and neither child wants anything to do with dad. Earl Partridge's son is a charismatic misogynist; Jimmy Gator's daughter is a cokehead and waif. A mild and caring nurse intercedes for Earl, reaching the son; a prayerful and upright beat cop meets the daughter, is attracted to her, and leads her toward a new calm. Meanwhile, guilt consumes Earl's young wife, while two whiz kids, one grown and a loser and the other young and pressured, face their situations. The weather, too, is quirky.

Director :

Paul Thomas Anderson

Writer :

Paul Thomas Anderson

Actors :

Pat Healy, Genevieve Zweig, Mark Flannagan, Neil Flynn

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